Updating the plugins on your WordPress site

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Updating the plugins on your WordPress site

Once you are managing your new WordPress site, you will notice that sometimes you will be alerted to update some of the plugins you have installed on your website.

WordPress plugin gets an update for following reasons

• For latest WordPress version compatibility
• For Fixing any current bug
• For Adding more feature

SOMETIMES updating a WordPress plugin CAN break your website… so my advice would be to always back up your website prior to any plugin in upgrade.

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on the title ‘Updates’ (you should see a notification number beside this heading indication how many plugins need updating) under the Home option heading.

You will then be taken to the update screen.  You can choose each plugin one by one or you can choose the option to ‘select all’ plugins.

Once you have chosen which plugin to update then click Update Plugins.

Once this has been completed you will be taken to a page showing something similar to the below advising if the upgrades were successful.

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