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Professional, Approachable and Prompt

I just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for your recent work on my website for A to Z Baby Planners. I found you by chance when I came across a website that I really liked, which you had designed – how lucky was I?! Your website is full of glowing testimonials and rightly so – you were professional, approachable and prompt from start to finish. I am absolutely thrilled with the final result – you and Victoria were wonderful to work with, and most importantly, made what I had in mind come to life on the page exactly as I had envisioned. Your passion for your charity work with Rafiki Mwema is so impressive that I am delighted to be able to contribute in a small way to this very worthy cause through my business. I look forward to working again with you in the future and will absolutely recommend you to others.

Thank you so much,
Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris

Sarah had things fully under control

In recent times I have had the opportunity to start a business from a conceptual point.

I had known Sarah for many years in a professional and personal capacity and it felt only natural to contact Sarah for help.

After our initial meeting where the business concept was outlined Sarah was able to within a very short period of time come back to me with a broad scope of what would be required to make my dream become a reality.

Sarah’s ability to work remotely and independently was of a great benefit to myself as I found my time was consumed with a number of matter. It was a real relief to know that I could concentrate on what I needed to do with the knowledge that Sarah had things fully under control from her end.

Sarah’s displayed great listening skills and ability to easily comprehend what I required, her understanding of the I.T world and the requirements for setting up a business was of great assistance and raised many previously unthought of questions that Sarah was easily able to answer and resolve.

Sarah’s flexibility to change when and if required was amazing. The questions raised, information and answers supplied by Sarah continual made the process of correctly setting up the business change so that when it was time to start operating all possible bugs in the system had be eliminated and operation of the business commenced smoothly and continues to do so today.

Sarah’s ability and willingness to pass on information meant that when Sarah had finished helping me I had a full working knowledge of my business that I could manage successfully without the continual need for outside help.

Sarah made me feel very comfortable and I quickly came to realise that I was working with the right person who could see my dream and her focus was totally on making that a reality. I soon realised I had the right person as my support.

Please feel free to contact myself if you wish to speak with me with regards to Sarah and her services.

Paul King

Designs with Heart

I first met Sarah at an event where she was sharing her beautiful charity work. Her story, her display and her passion for helping others sparkled & touched my heart. When I realised that she had created the cute square business cards that I had collected that day & was the face behind Castle Design I started to stalk her work online & loved what I found. Sarah has been so wonderfully patient with me, her can do attitude & attention to detail along with complete professionalism has delivered me a site I’m so proud to call mine. Heartfelt Thanks!

Raewyn Jones

Castle design was the best decision we made to start out our new business

Choosing to work with Castle design was the best decision we made to start out our new business. It established the brand with an amazing image for customers to identify us with. Sarah was wonderful to work with and extremely accurate and in line with what we were looking for as a logo. We already have more work to be done and it makes the whole process a lot easier when you know you are going to get an amazing result in a speedy time frame.
My business partner and myself highly recommend using Castle design.
Jacob McGoldrick
Soothe Organics

Making your website dreams come true!

I’ve been a client of Sarah’s since way back when I got my first website. There’s so many reason’s I keep coming back! Her service is impeccable and the websites she builds are out of this world. I can not recommend her highly enough. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about working with Castle Design. They’re seriously the best out there!

Jen Kennedy

I can’t thank you enough!

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for some time now; she has recently given my (already) beautiful website a facelift, and the results speak for themselves! I have no idea how Sarah combines such talent and incredible customer service with her family and philanthropic endeavours – but somehow she manages to juggle all of these things and still remain cheerful and funny and altogether a delight to deal with…I am, fortunately, a much better cook than web designer and techie – fortunately working with Sarah allows me to focus on my strengths and leave the technical mysteries to her. If you’re considering working with Sarah, I urge to reach out and make the contact – I can guarantee you it will be one of the best (and most fun!) decisions you’ll make!

Melanie Hall

Always absolutely thrilled with the work

We are always absolutely thrilled with the work Castle Design does for us. We recently worked together on websites and branding for some of our clients including Miss Margarita in Byron Bay, Super Network in the Gold Coast and Club Lennox in Lennox Head.

Miss Margarita wanted to retain the look and feel of their old website but bring it to the more flexible Wordpress platform for ease of updating, and Castle Design found a design that totally captured this.

Super Network is a brand new brand. The brief included developing a logo, collateral and website aimed at those wishing to take control of their superannuation and connect with experts. Super Network are so proud to hand out the most professional looking business cards they’ve ever had!

Club Lennox is a favourite of Barefruit’s and Castle Design’s because it has such a lovely story behind it. Sarah was heavily involved in the fundraising to help Club Lennox open its doors again, and both Barefruit Marketing and Castle Design work at discounted rates to support the Club in the local community.


Claire Harding

Sarah has totally turned my business around

I  had  a great product  but could never back it up  professionally with a web site, blog, invoices, accounting, media launches, media advertisements, brochures, postcards, business cards, customer data bases, order forms, catalogues, face book, my space, google position.

Sarah has created all this for me and totally turned my business around.

With the professional edge she gave me I could take my product to the next step and do my first tradefair. Because of my well organized brochures , postcards and order forms I was able to be noticed months later by customers who didn’t place an order on the day. Sarah is an asset to my business. I totally recommend her for any of your  graphic design, website or organizing  of your life. You will notice the difference.

Haidee Lindell

Sarah is the nicest person to deal with..

I had my website, design work, training, hosting {you name it castle design have done it!} and love the work Sarah and the team at castle design have done. Sarah completely designed my website and all the bits that go along with it, we couldn’t be happier. Sarah is the nicest person to deal with and is readily available throughout the whole design, development and implementation process, you won’t be disappointed! If you are looking for innovative design and fab customer service, Sarah is the person for you.

Lisa Oliver

So pleased with all aspects

So pleased with all the aspects of the work done for Inspiravision – from the logo inception to business cards, letterhead and now the website.
A most professional, approachable and creative service!!

Jeanette Kennelly

She’s left me inspired

I umm and aahh over almost everything I do. I’ve needed and wanted business cards to go along with my creations for a long time now but I just didn’t know how to go about getting them or who I could ask. I wanted someone who would listen to what I had to say. If I was to get them I wanted someone who would give me just what I wanted. I didn’t want to walk away with something that didn’t quite measure up to my imaginings. Then fate stepped in and I learnt about Castle Design. How wonderful fate can be.

Through emails alone Sarah and I struck up an instant understanding. She was approachable, flexible and above all talented when it came to discussing and producing business cards for me. We took a little bit of my art, added it to a lot more of her skill and came up with something that made us both happy and proud. What’s more it took no time at all!

She’s left me inspired and wanting more. She has my mind racing on the subject of branding and getting my work known by the simple, sweet yet stunning image she has created for me.

I think this might just be the beginning of a wonderful friendship for both us and our businesses.

Frazzy Dazzles

Meticulous organisation

I have known Sarah for three years and have always been very impressed by her wide range of skills, meticulous organisation and her professionalism. She has outstanding communication skills, is an assertive leader and is invaluable as part of a team.

Sarah designed and developed a website for my storybooks which aim to teach emotional skills to young people.  She very quickly developed a feel for my work and her ideas for the website and advertising material were innovative.  She met all set deadlines with the work and her relaxed and casual style made her very easy to work with.

Sarah is a highly organised person who is also able to think laterally to solve challenging issues.  She always strives for excellence.

Sarah will be a great asset to any project she decides to undertake. Her broad range of talents will be treasured. I highly recommend Sarah in any capacity she wishes to undertake.

Lynne Holian
Scrurby Books

A business asset I could not do without!

If you have not engaged Sarah and her team at Castle Design you are MAD!   I have had the pleasure of hiring Sarah on an ongoing basis for all my website design and management for both of my businesses.  She has an amazing eye for style and understands completely what works in the online world. Castle Design is a business asset I could not do without!

Nicci Meredith

I’m in love with my new logo!

I am so happy with my new logo! Sarah managed to completely nail the brief despite me not knowing exactly what I wanted the end product to be! She gave me several options (all of which I loved) and managed to capture the look and feel of the brand perfectly. Not only was I delighted with the end product, but the service was fantastic too! Sarah went the extra mile to ensure that I was happy and helped me every step of the way. I will definitely recommend Castle Design’s services to anyone requiring this type of work.

Marney Rackley

Innovative Designer

Not only is Sarah extremely tech-savy, but she is ridiculously creative too! Among other techy things Sarah continues to do for me, Sarah created my fabulous logo. I ‘briefed’ Sarah on what i wanted in a logo. I use the term “briefed” in the loosest possible sense as it literally went like this: Sarah: “Anything in particular that you want to incorporate” me: ‘ummmmmm….. I like black…. AND white… yes, that’s it, black and white” Sarah literally went into my brain and created what I wanted without my even realising it. Funnily enough, my, nay Sarah’s, innovative logo has been replicated by a big name brand… and i mean virtually copied EXACTLY. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Sarah must feel pretty special as she is setting some serious trends. So moral of the story, get your logo designed by Castle Design as you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Penelope Hill

Always supporting my business

Sarah is the Mac magician, a Word Press wizard, a HTML high priestess creating graphic design glamour with her bag of tricks

From logo design, website construction, online store creation, printing and promotion Sarah has helped me create a beautiful showcase online for the world to see. She understood the vision and aesthetic I wanted to create, with shared humor, commitment and late nights we pushed the launch button.

Sarah is like lightening to my emails queries, available to chat face to face and always supporting my business locally and in our global community via social media.

Do you LIKE her on Facebook? Do you FOLLOW her on Instagram? Are you reading her blog? One resolution you should have for 2014 is to contact Castle Design..do it now!

Katie Brown

Communication was friendly, clear and prompt.

The site is just what I want – a clean and modern look that works well on desktop and mobile devices. It was a pleasure working with you on the phone and by email… communication was friendly, clear and prompt. And the job was done quickly too. I’ll definitely be getting back to you when I’m ready for my site to go bigger and better down the track!

Dr David Cutts

I have never been so impressed with the service I received from Sarah

I have never been so impressed with the service I received from Sarah at Castle Design.

All our communication was via email and phone due to our locations and I was concerned how someone would know what I wanted when we had never met. All these concerns were soon forgotten when I received the initial designs for my logo.

Sarah had nailed it and I knew I had made the right choice in going with her. She went on to design a business card and my website and I couldn’t be happier. Having never launched a business before I wasn’t quite sure what I even wanted and I think it says a lot about a person and their experience when they can interpret you and your wants from such limited contact.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She is prompt, professional and one clever lady, whilst also giving back to those less fortunate than us. Thank you so much Sarah

Lucy Hookway

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable!

Sarah from Castle Design did a fantastic job designing our website. She was attentive to detail, professional and thorough. When communicating with Sarah either via email or on the phone, she was extremely friendly and quick to respond to any changes or issues I had.

Louise & Jason Casson

Nothing but a pleasure

My contact with Sarah has been nothing but a pleasure.  There are not many IT geeks out there who have a sense of humour plus expertise.  From the moment I asked Sarah to do my website, she seemed to know what suited my products along with the layout and it was all done via email.  I asked for something simple and easy to use and that is exactly what I got.  She has even given me instructions on how to maintain the site as I am constantly adding images of all my products and that was made easy even for a mere mortal like me.
I have had regular comments on my website from my customers who have given me feedback on the clear images which make it easy for them to see my products.  I had to ask a million questions during the website construction and Sarah was very patient and understanding.

I would highly recommend Castle Design and will be using their services for all of my future projects.

Karyn Patching

We will highly recommend you!

You and Colin have been absolutely amazing and we are so happy with the work you’ve produced. Colin got the logo design spot on and we really feel like Castle Design has been an integral part of the journey of Dr FootLove. We will highly recommend you!

Nikki Turnbull
Dr Foot Love

She is a gem of a girl

I have known Sarah Rosborg for 5 years. Sarah has designed and kept my website working without any down time for the duration of that time. She is competent, and helpful. I found her work to be very professional at all times, and she is very willing to listen to your needs and accommodate them whenever possible.  She has provided much helpful information with regard to running my project in Zambia and I have felt completely comfortable with allowing her the freedom to make necessary changes on the website without the need for too much input on my part. This has freed my time, allowing me to accomplish the work I have to do in Zambia without worrying about Sarah.
I have personally recommended Sarah’s work to my friends here in Zambia, and have not heard any complaints from them.
She is a gem of a girl, and I am more than happy to recommend her and her work to anyone who would like to employ her. I wish her all the success in her future endeavours.

Sheree Moodie
Kidz 4 Him

Thank you

I met with Sarah after a middle of the night feeding session gave me some business inspiration! Sarah turned my half baked idea into awesome reality. I’m getting ready to launch and cannot wait to show off what Sarah and castle design produced for me! She understood what I wanted even though I couldn’t describe it – highly recommend her services! Superstar! Legend! All round fantastic at her job

Kerry Thompson

So professional, and supportive

So excited about my new website! Looking beautiful entirely due to the talents of Sarah from Castle Design. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough, not only is her work beautful, but it was a great experience working with someone so professional,  and supportive. i often (always) find it difficult to hand over creative control of my endevours, but it was completely painless and i also learnt a lot along the way.


Love our new website! Thank you Castle Design.

I am so glad I chose Castle Design to create our new Website. Sarah and her team were very accommodating and professional and I would recommend them to any business wanting to create a modern, stylish and professional website. Thank you Castle Design!!

Sim Hess

The woman’s a total gem to boot

Sarah did our new MamaBake website over a year ago. She worked very closely with us to ensure we got what we needed, had infinite patience and lightning fast turn-around. I thoroughly recommend Sarah to anybody looking for a website for their blog/business/community. The woman’s a total gem to boot. Michelle Shearer

Michelle Shearer

Great Work

Sarah has been fabulous to work with, she understood my direction with a new brand and created a great logo. She delivered on time & exactly what I was looking for.

Debbie Wren

I simply couldn’t do it without her!

Contacting Sarah from Castle Design is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I was uncertain of the direction my blog should take, in fact I was not even sure that the world needed another blog (I still struggle with that!), but I took the plunge and asked Sarah to design me a new website, Facebook page and business card.

Not only were the results beautiful, Sarah gave me a site of which I could be proud, this in turn helped me believe that there was in fact room for another blog in the world…along the way she took a complete novice gently by the hand and ensured that I felt engaged and happy with the both the process and the outcome.

I continue to seek Sarah’s advice and input as the site evolves, I simply couldn’t do it without her!

Melanie Hall

Always giving 100% to every aspect of her job

Sarah Rosborg worked for Mission in Action Nakuru Baby Orphanage Kenya for 5 years.

Sarah was a valuable member of our team and family assisting in many different areas of Administration. She was solely responsible for the day to day running of our Australian office performing duties, which included:

Web designing and update.
Promotional work.
Setting up sponsor programs & keeping sponsors updated.
Designing brochures, banners and merchandise.
Banking and account keeping
Liaising with volunteers and donors.

Sarah was always professional, honest, reliable and extremely hard working always giving 100% to every aspect of her job. She always went out of her way to accomplish a project, and was always a great source of knowledge and advice to anyone that inquired about MIA.

It is because of Sarah that the administration of Mission in Action is what it is today, running at a professional level.

Mary Summerscales

Sarah was incredibly patient and dedicated

As a start up business we needed a lot of advice and support in designing a website that would attract attention and clearly outline our services. Sarah Rosborg provided us with a great deal of support and creative input and ultimately designed a website that meets all of our requirements and is easy to maintain. Sarah was incredibly patient and dedicated to delivering a product that we were happy with and we are very grateful to her for the time and energy she invested in helping us get started. We would unreservedly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a creative, intuitive and patient person to help them design and develop a new website.

Cathy Beadnell
Latitude Media


I have just recently launched a website for my online business and couldn’t have done it without Sarah’s skills and knowledge – true web Guru! Not only did she pull the theme, my design ideas and the overall feel of my business together, she also is a fantastic teacher and I have gained invaluable knowledge about how to use Wordpress for myself. Sarah is very down to earth while at the same time showing a high level of professionalism, this girl knows her stuff! I look forward to working with Castle Design in the future. THANK YOU!

Natalie Kiryk

I could sing her praises all day and night!

I can not recommend Sarah enough. I could sing her praises all day and night. If you need anything done {design, printing, website building… etc}, she’s your girl. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably fall in love with her and want to bombard her inbox like I did. And she doesn’t even get cranky.

Chantelle Ellem

A wizard with everything technical

With the help of the amazing Sarah of Castle Design,  I not only have a new logo, but also a new landing page, and streamlined bigcartel page and more…

I wanted to say a huge thanks to Sarah, and if you have not liked her page please do so NOW, you might need her one day!
Not only is she a wizard with everything technical, but also she listened to what I wanted, and read in between the lines when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted….

Not only did she make me a new logo , but also made it so I can use it to watermark my photo’s And not only that, she taught me how…

I hope I wasn’t a dreadful customer, but I can honestly say she was superb to work with, and with customer service like that I will be back!.

Ilja Oostenenk

Beautiful work, patience & love..

Hugest thanks for your beautiful work, patience and love and soul that has gone into partnering with us. We are grateful and look forward to a great relationship for many years to come.

Jane Kennedy

My Logo has a Mini Me!!!

I have had my blog Martinis and Slippers for almost 3 years now and I am in the process of starting a new business and was referred to Sarah at Castle Design to help create a new identity for Martinis and Slippers. The process of discovering my new logo has been fantastic and I will admit I struggled with my choice because the options presented to me were all perfect & filled my initial brief. Now I have this fabulous logo that totally fits with me even has my very own ‘Mini Me’ included in it! Thanks so much Sarah for your efforts!!

Alexandria Mees

Castle Design’s a top notch choice!

My business partner and I hired Sarah at Castle Design’s to build us a smarter, more user friendly website for our wholesale/retail business using Shopify. It was a big project and we are SO HAPPY we choose Sarah. She is a “Can Do” girl! Absolutely, nothing was too hard or inconvenient. Which I, for one, really appreciate in an associate! She was there every step of the way giving us great guidance . In the end, we have a result BEYOND our expectations. We would not hesitate to shout to the rooftops that “Castle Designs is our #1 stop for website development!!!”. We are better, faster and sleeker business than ever thanks to Castle Designs.

Sincerely, Kate & Leesa The O.B.Design’s Girls xoxo

Kate Nicolson

Do not hesitate. She’s your girl.

La la la la la la la! Can you hear that? That’s me singing from the rooftops about Sarah. But let me do it properly. Sarah is amazing at what she does. She’s the most efficient person I know, and I know a lot of people. She gets stuff done, and she does it properly. Sarah is patient, which is so important when working with people when they’re building websites… because there are lots of changes and fluffing about, and she’s so good at putting up with me {it’s a fine art} and understanding that those things matters to me.

So, if you’re wondering if you should get Sarah to build your website, or do your design stuff, or whatever you need her to do… the answer is YES. Do not hesitate. She’s your girl.

Chantelle Ellem

Visually stunning logo and website

It has taken me two years from graduation to finally getting a business started. I have procrastinated because I could not find a designer for my website and logo who understood my ethos. WOW it is a chance in a million that I stumbled upon Castle Design and Sarah. We designed the whole package via email and phone as I live in Melbourne. Sarah got what I am about, she was easy to communicate with and so, so fast! Her design and the way every element was placed in the website was ingenious. The logo is just brilliant and depicts what my company stands for. I miss working with Sarah and I hope that anyone out there thinking about using Castle to Please do so right now! Thank You Sarah and your wonderful creative TEAM.

Mei Kuen Chan

I am very happy with the final product

I have enjoyed working with you Sarah and am very happy with the final product. I have valued the professional and creative way you have worked with me. I certainly would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a web designer.

Andrew Kennelly
Soulbase Counselling

Great design

Thank you Castle Design for creating a beautiful design for my writing business. The logo looks fantastic, and I was so grateful for the speedy turn-arounds that I needed to meet tight deadlines before my first meetings. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

A. Knight

we always choose to use Sarah and never hesitate to recommend her

Sarah was a pleasure to work with making communication extremely easy, understanding our vision and conveying it perfectly as we desired. The consistency and fast turn around is something that our business relies on which is why we always choose to use Sarah and never hesitate to recommend her.

Jacob McGoldrick

took the time to explain

I am a novice at blogging and setting up a website with my own logo. I called Sarah and she couldn’t have been lovelier. Sarah took the time to explain to me all aspects of setting up a blog. I told Sarah what I envisaged for my logo and without any fuss Sarah came back with some great examples. Sarah’s input into my blog design was fantastic. I’m extremely happy with the final product. The only sadness now is that I won’t get to chat to Sarah every week (even if only by email).

Chris Cooper

I would happily recommend you to anyone/everyone

I just thought I’d send you an email saying thanks for your exceptional customer service (& after service) on my website – the whole experience has been wonderful.

The website worked really well last night & I had great feedback from customers.  Here’s an extract from an email I received:

I must tell you that your website purchasing system is absolutely fantastic… I cant believe how easy it was to make a purchase!! Tho maybe not a good thing for the bank balance lol =)

I would happily recommend you to anyone / everyone.

Jen Kennedy
Ainslee Fox

Not enough words to recommend Sarah highly enough

Play Kenya is hugely indebted to Sarah Rosborg for all her hard work and commitment when designing and building our Web Site, Facebook Page, E-mail and Blog pages. Her input has had such a enormous impact for Play Kenya. Without her expertise we would not be up and running as a Charitable Project- but it is more than that.

Sarah is always so up-beat and enthusiastic about all she does. Every little thing Play Kenya has asked has been done before you can imagine – and with such enthusiasm. She is bursting with fantastic ideas and yet respectful about allowing us to come to our own decisions. I cannot imagine what life was like before Sarah shone in our direction.

Sarah has a unique blend of Passion, Expertise, Commitment and a huge Sense of Fun and we are proud and grateful for all she has done for Play Kenya.

There are not enough words to recommend Sarah highly enough – she rocks!

Anne-Marie Tipper

best decision ever!

I write this as the complete revamp of my website goes live, and as always when I deal with Sarah, I feel that my words are inadequate…the results speak for themselves with beautiful pages which completely reflect my wishes and needs for my site. But it is the process which is an integral part of joining the ‘Castle’ family; Sarah is tireless, gracious, talented, generous to a fault and professional in every way. Nothing is too much trouble, no detail escapes her attention, and she is always positive and caring. This care extends to her work with her beloved charity in Africa, again words fail me when I see the outcomes she achieves…if you’re looking for a heartfelt happy experience and a website you and your clients will love, you’ve come to the right place!

Melanie Hall

Our internet Angel

If you are looking for someone who can sprinkle magic dust on your mundane ideas and bring them to life in a fun, funky and totally spot on way – then Sarah is the girl for you. Add to that a bucket of fun and a sea of professionalism – why would you go anywhere else!!!! As well as the phenomenal amount of charity work and web design Sarag does for us, she has also designed my business site and it is awesome to say the least. I LOVE every detail from the design of our logo to the ease in which my clients can check us out and it’s all down to Sarah.

Anne-Marie Tipper

Immeasurable knowledge to help me begin my charity

They say everything in life is meant to be.  That there is a predetermined purpose which none of us can fully understand.  Finding Sarah from Castle Designs was predestined.

Once I had made the decision to begin my own charity to build an orphanage in Kenya, I stumbled upon Sarah while looking at another orphanage website and clicked on her link. Not only did I get an amazing and talented web site designer, but I also had found someone with the immeasurable knowledge to help me begin my charity, and guide me with what I needed to do.   With just over a week until Sarah was due to give birth to her first child, she worked relentlessly day and night to have my website finished before she went to hospital. Her kindness will never be forgotten.

Sarah quickly established with me what I needed to do in order, which wasn’t too difficult for me as I already had in mind what colours, theme etc., I wanted for the website and logo, but her professionalism and knowledge of charity work and website design had me admiring her more and more.

Sarah was extremely patient with me, when changing and adding ideas, and our communication was vast and furious due to the time frame to have the website completed. I could not have been happier with the finished product, in fact I LOVE it to bits!!  Even with minor difficulties during and after the website was completed, Sarah was always very quick to respond and help me, from arranging printing, to fixing problems with paypal.

I would also like to thank Jess (Sarah’s off-sider) for her brilliant logo designing for me. Jess’s prompt communication and professionalism, not to mention kindness, were tremendous. Jess is also outstanding at what she designs and I couldn’t be happier with the end result of my business cards, letterheads and logo. They are amazing.

I could not have moved so quickly and so decisively without Sarah’s help and guidance, and indeed we were meant to meet.  And we did it all in 8-9 days. Stress free for me (and hopefully for Sarah), as I knew I was in exceptional hands.   We did achieve the extraordinary – which is my mission statement for my charity Umoja Orphanage Kenya.

Even once home from hospital after the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Sarah checked to see all was OK.  What more can I say?

Thank you (Asante Sana) Sarah – you are an amazing lady.

Cathy Booth