Rafiki Mwema

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Project Description

Rafiki Mwema

I couldn’t love Rafiki Mwema any more.  I guess that is why I have decided to start it as a Charity within Australia.

Branding and Website done by me.. Lots more to come!

Rafiki Mwema means ‘Loyal Friend’ and that is what this ‘safe house’ provided by Play Kenya will be to these young girls.

Rafiki Mwema was born from the need to support very young girls who have been sexually abused. There are sadly too many girls under the age of 12 who have experienced sexual abuse and at this time there is no specialised care for these very vulnerable children.

Play Kenya started Rafiki Mwema, a therapeutic safe house, to help these little girls make sense of the horrors that have happened to them, allow them access to any medical treatment they need, support them through the court system, and where possible to work with their families for a safe return to the home.

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