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Creating a Campaign in MailChimp

** Please note, all of this information has been taken directly from the Mail Chimp website where you will find LOADS of info to help you with Mail Chimp.

You’ve got your list ready to go, so it’s time to create your first campaign. We’ll explain how to select your list, select a template, edit your content and design your email.

From your Dashboard or Campaign tab, click the Create campaign button.

Click the Create campaign button.

Choose the type of campaign you’d like to create. (Start with Regular ol’ campaign)

On Step 1 of the Campaign Builder, select the list you want to send to. Once you’ve selected the list, use the Nextbutton to move forward, or just click Send to entire list.

You’ll have the options to name your campaign, set up a subject line, from name reply-to email and personalize your “To:” field with *|MERGETAGS|*. You’ll also find your options for tracking, authentication, analytics track- ing and social sharing. Again, use the Next and Back buttons to navigate through the steps (don’t use your browser’s back button).

 Fill out campaign info.

Select a template for your email by clicking Pre-designed or Start from scratch (to get basic template layouts that you can fully customize) under the Templates heading. Click Design genius if you want us to walk you through the styling process. Templates you’ve set up and saved will live under My templates. If you’re providing your own code, use the Paste/import HTML or import from URL options. If you want to create an editable (or non-editable) template for your clients, choose Code custom templates.

Design Genius

Once you choose your template, you’ll remain on Step 3 of the Campaign Builder. You’ll add content and images in the Content editor. Click Show style editor to set your design and style options.

Click Show style editor to set your design and style options.

Here, the Body tab is selected and the Body style subheading has been clicked. This will allow you to set the line height, font size and more for this section:

Here the body tab is selected.

Click anywhere inside the dotted red borders to bring up the Content editor box.

Click anywhere inside the dotted red borders to bring up the Content editor box.

Edit or add content, then click Save to set the changes.

Edit or add content, then click Save to set the changes.

Tips for adding content:

  • Type directly into the content editor. Don’t copy/paste from a word processor. Only copy/paste from a simple text editor like TextEdit or Notepad.
  • If you copied your content from a website or web-based email pro- gram and need to clean up the campaign, you can generally use the eraser tool (Remove formatting tool) on the online editor toolbar to remove just the formatting and junk code brought over from the other program.
  • If you copied your content from MS Word, the only way to fix it is to start a new campaign and add clean content. Word creates so much junk code that the tool can’t even clean it up.

After saving, wait for your content to refresh, then click Next Our plain-text generator will automagically create the plain-text version of the email from your HTML version. Look it over and click Next again to move to the last step of the Campaign Builder.

Step 5 of the Campaign Builder is a Pre-delivery checklist. If we see anything missing from your campaign, we’ll alert you in red on this screen. Click Resolve to go back to any area that needs attention.

You can preview the campaign once more by clicking Popup preview. We recommend sending tests to several email addresses to see how the campaign looks in your recipients’ inboxes. If everything looks good, schedule or send your campaign.

You can preview the campaign once more by clicking Popup preview.

Note: If you use templates provided by MailChimp, we’ll add your postal address for you. If you’re providing your own code, make sure the address is included somewhere in the text of your campaign. It’s required by law!

You can also watch some useful webinars on mailchimp here.

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