Checking your new email address and setting it up through your mail program

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Checking your new email address and setting it up through your mail program

Checking your new email account from any computer

You can check your new email address from any computer, anywhere in the world!

You just need to type webmail in front of your web address.  You can see a sample of mine below:

Type in your email address and password we have provided you.

Then click Login

You will then come to a page like this:

These three options here (horde, roundcube & SquirrelMail) are just different email programs you can use to view your emails in.  You may want to log in to each of these to see which one you prefer.  They all do the same thing!  Just a personal preference.

Click on one of the 3 options (horde, roundcube & SquirrelMail) and it will take you to your new email account!  For example, if you click SquirrelMail you will come to a screen similar to the one below.  With different emails of course! {this is my busy inbox!}

You can now open, send, reply to all your messages from this screen.  It works just the same way hotmail, yahoo or gmail works.

Details to set up email through an email program (Mac mail, iPhone etc)

You can set up as many email addresses as you wish through any of the email programs that are out there these days.  Some examples are Mac Mail, iPad, iPhone, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and the list goes on…

If you wish to set up your email through your phone or any other program please use the details that suit your email address and domain name.  I will use an example below of an email set up for my website

email address is [email protected]

password is samplepassword

Manual Settings

Mail Server Username: [email protected]
Account ID: [email protected]
POP Server:
Password: samplepassword
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: ** this depends on the provider you use.  I use Telstra so my outgoing mail server would be

Call your provider and ask them what your ‘outgoing mail server is’ (or google it!) or see the list below that may help you:





You will find links to tutorials on how to set up your email here:

Set up email on your iPhone

Set up email on Thunderbird

Set up email on Mac Mail

Set up email on your iPad

If you cant find the program you are looking for just do a google search on ‘setting up email account for the program you are using’ and you should find plenty of instructions out there!

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