How to add a variable product in Woocommerce

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How to add a variable product in Woocommerce

Want to know how to add different variations to your products in Woo Commerce?  Look no further! Follow these steps..

Step 1.

Go to Products -> Attributes in the left hand dashboard menu.
Choose a name for your attribute, for example Size or Colour. Choose “Select” for Type and “Custom ordering” for Default sort order.
Click “Add attribute”


Step 2.

The attribute will show on the right. Terms will be empty. To determine terms click on the little circle at the far right, which says “Configure terms” if you hover.


Step 3.

Add your terms, such as Blue, Green or Small, Medium etc. Click Add New after each one and you will see them appear on the right hand side.


Step 4.

Go to Products -> Add Product in the left hand dashboard menu. Enter the Name of your product and in the drop down menu underneath the description box choose “Variable product”. The choices will change.



Step 5.

Go to Attributes in the Product Data menu. In the dropdown menu on the right, choose your Attribute, such as Colour or Size. Click Add.



Step 6.

Click inside the Value(s) field to bring up the options you just added. Choose the ones that are relevant to your product.

Tick “Visible on the product page” and “ Used for variations”

You can add more Attributes here if you for example have a shirt in different sizes and different colours.

Click “Save Attributes”.


Step 7.

Go to Variations in the Product data menu and click “Add Variation”

Choose your variation from the drop down menu, in this case “Blue” and enter price. Click on the little square to left to add an image of your variation.

Tick “Enabled” and “Stock Control”. Enter the amount you have available under “Stock Qty”


Step 8.

Repeat for each variation. Add any information about the product under product description. In many themes it’s better to use the “Product Short Description” further down on the page as that information will be visible next to the product image rather than underneath.

Publish your product or Save draft.



Instead of adding each variation one at a time, you can click the ‘link all variations’ button. This will create a new variation for each and every possible combination of variation attributes (max 50).

So if your example you had 2 attributes – colour (Blue and Yellow) and size (Small and Medium) it will create the following variations:

Small Blue

Medium Blue

Small Yellow

Medium Yellow

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    Excellent post..
    thanks for sharing, was trying to add colour variants to my online store and this is awesome inbuilt way to achieve this on Woocommerce. thanks for sharing…

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